What is a Baddie?

 A "baddie" is a confident and self-assured individual who exudes a strong sense of empowerment and self-expression. The term "baddie" is not attributed to a specific sex, gender, race, religion, etc.

Baddies evolve. They keep an open mind, seek knowledge, and understand that they’re students.
And most importantly, Baddies Support Baddies!

So, are you a Baddie?

Key traits to know if you’re a true Baddie!

  • Confidence

    A baddie exudes unwavering self-confidence and self-assuredness, even if they don't always feel that way. They unapologetically embrace their unique qualities. Their differences make them special.

  • Style

    This isn't limited to how you dress or adorn your physical self; it can also be expressed through art, writing, and communication. Baddies show off who they are because they are proud, and don’t give a fuck about a hater. Baddies are about quality over quantity, and hold themself to a higher standard. So what type of person do you want to be, and how do you show up in the world?

  • Independence

    Baddies are self-reliant and assertive individuals who take charge of their lives and decisions. They are not afraid to stand up for themselves and others. They pursue their goals and succeed. They don't follow the masses to fit in; they choose their path and follow that. The journey is rarely easy, but they aren’t discouraged. Baddies don't give up on themselves; instead, are equipped to handle whatever comes their way because they have done the internal and external work to prepare for difficult situations. Can’t keep a Baddie down!

  • Empowerment

    Baddies inspire and uplift others with their strong sense of empowerment. They encourage self-love, body positivity, and confidence in their peers. They understand that life isn't always easy. Therefore, they give grace, respect, and kindness to others as well as themselves. This doesn’t mean they accept mistreatment or abuse, because baddies set boundaries and know when to stop or leave a situation that no longer serves them. They ensure their cup is full before they pour into others. They are intentional with their words and actions. Collectively, they establish a nurturing community where mutual understanding, empowerment, and resilience thrive.

Get to know Sydney...

"Bookclub for Baddies" is a podcast born out of my passion for reading and a desire to create a meaningful community. 

I inherited my love for books from my beautiful mother, who always had at least two books she was reading simultaneously. The passion with which she shared her reading experiences was infectious, and I couldn't help but fall in love with books as well. Her enthusiasm and storytelling ignited the same fervor in me, shaping my lifelong journey as an avid reader. Thank you Mom for showing me that reading is cool!

Sydney, the host of Bookclub for Baddies, wearing a white collared dress with "Bookclub for Baddies" embroidered in pink on the back. She is in a library, climbing a ladder with books and looking back at the camera.

My journey with book clubs began when I joined a badass all-women's group, where they discussed thought-provoking books like "The Power of Now," "Women Who Run with Wolves," and "Ishmael." However, the challenges of coordinating meetups with busy schedules led me to look for a new book club experience.

The spark for "Bookclub for Baddies" ignited when I read "Sex at Dawn" and found its captivating and authentic nature too irresistible not to share and gossip about with a friend.

Realizing the value in our conversations, I made the decision to record our interactions and embark on an exciting venture: the creation of "Bookclub for Baddies" podcast. But it was more than just a podcast for me; it became a journey of self-discovery and healing. Every episode combines comedic commentary and anecdotes, with key chunks of the book creating a captivating experience. Surprisingly, sharing my unconventional life and personal experiences on the internet has brought a sense of relief and comfort. Knowing that my stories might resonate with at least one person and make them feel connected or understood, gives me a profound sense of purpose and the feeling that I'm making a positive impact.

As the podcast evolved, the true purpose behind it crystallized - to foster a community where genuine discussions could take place, promoting self-discovery and personal growth through each book explored. Embracing this mission, I started the website bookclubforbaddies.com, where listeners can find featured books, listen to episodes, interact through a discussion board/blog, check out Baddies merchandise, and locate necessary health resources.

Mental health carries profound importance in my life, as I have personally grappled with overwhelming anxiety, insecurities, and the pressures of society. Additionally, I have witnessed my family members and friends facing their own mental challenges. These experiences have fueled my passion to establish a safe space, where like-minded individuals can engage in open discussions about current topics. It's a place for those committed to personal growth, striving to become the best version of themselves—a community of true baddies embracing self-improvement and acceptance.

With "Bookclub for Baddies," I have not only hoped to cultivate a space for book lovers but also crafted a platform that embraces personal growth, open dialogue, and mental health support, inviting everyone to be part of this inclusive community.

I want to say thank you to my incredibly supportive Baddie friends and family. You’ve seen how much this project means to me, and the way you all have believed in me, more than I believed in myself at times, has gotten me this far. Without you, this journey wouldn’t have been as beautiful.

I love you so much!